1. I have so many new followers, hi all!

  2. omganniephanny:

    My thursday outfit. It’s a beautiful day here and I am having a fantastic day! I always feel super powerful in my wonder woman panties.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their week. Go spread some love guys! (that’s not encouragement to go jerk off on people either. although, that would be hilarious if someone interpreted it that way)

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  8. blackwulf23:


    Currently being lightly punished for taking my plug out without permission.

    This is down my sweater and one of my roommates just came into the living room to watch tv and oh my goshhh, I cant remove them now, what do I dooooo?!?!?!?


    Xoxo Alice

    My poor little girl. Such a hard decision

    these guys are my favorite- they’re relationship is so cute

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  10. Anonymous asked: Your hair is getting long and your booty is looking fine. ;)

    Thank youuuu! I try.


  11. Doing promos tonight?

    Who wants one, send in a submission with your link~

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  13. It’s been so long since anyone tied me up.

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  14. My hair is getting long C:

  15. Always wanted to try this

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