1. Shaking My Curvy Ass


    Shaking My Curvy Ass

    imagedirtyandcurvy Says:

    Watch me for 3 minutes~ I just love shaking, bouncing, spanking, and grinding my cute, curvy butt!

  2. lingerielesbian:

    I so remember when this came out :O

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  5. dirtyandcurvy:

    Want personal pics from me DAILY?

    Just send $10 in Amazon or GiftRocket cards to dirtyandcurvy@yahoo.com along with your Snapchat or KIK

  7. dirtyandcurvy:

    I have these panties in every color.

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  9. raisa-allin:

    Im back on ELM!

    I’m Raisa Allin, a 20 year old submissive. All my content is amateur and raw, and I love to show off~ I’m into impregnation, bondage, and genital modification. 

    Lets have some fun!

    I know not everyone likes using clipvia, so I hope this works better for those of you. ELM also lets me sell photosets, so if videos arent your thing, you should suggest some stuff youd like to see in photos! 

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  10. lavendergalaxxxy:

    Watch the smoke billow out of My lips

    Smoking Pin-Up With Mirror Smoking Naked

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  12. nymphoninjas:

    I randomly decided to surprise Ryann, so I bought her a pack of cigarettes and drove about 2 hours in to DC, without telling her I was coming.
    When I got to her building, luckily there were people moving stuff in, so the door was wide open. I went up on the roof and called her, and told her to go up on the roof and smoke a long-distance cigarette with me. (She smokes on the roof all the time.) Thennnn I popped out from behind the elevator shaft.
    We smoked, then got on a train to Georgetown for no good reason other than to find this one photo booth we knew of and be naughty in it. I got home around 2:30 AM.
    Now we’re on a mission to be naughty in as many public photo booths as we can find.

    Really cute story, that’s awesome the timing worked out so well. And I really like your play on the theme today. You successfully made a very public place feel private for the two of you.  

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  14. mistresselanvital:


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  15. Sit down and smoke a joint with me, as I strip down to nothing while listening to my favorite stoner playlist~ 

    Video available on both Clipvia and ELM