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  2. Lip Tease With Star Pasties


    Lip Tease With Star Pasties

    dirtyandcurvy Says:

    Let me tease you with my soft lips, and no shirt- playing with my lips, and putting lipstick on to kiss my own tits- 3 minutes

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  4. Todays the day~ send birthday nudes!

    The big 21 deserves it.

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    Use Coupon Code “BirthdayBash" on my Clipvia to get 25% off any video over $1 

    New Videos just put up!

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    I <3 Siri.

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    SIRI US!!

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    making love to forgotten photos xoxo

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    Well dressed man spanking.. Can I have this??

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  14. dirtyandcurvy:

    And I haven’t been on here too much lately,
    kind of a shitty sex blogger

    Soooo until September 15th:

    • Anyone who buys me ANYTHING off my amazon wishlist,
      OR sends a giftrocket/amazon gift card (priced over $10) to dirtyandcurvy@yahoo.com gets to choose my …
    Still have gotten nothing :(